Active Sitting

Active sitting is using your muscles to support your body instead of the back rests or arms of a traditional chair. It is a simple concept – instead of exerting almost no effort while you sit, you engage your core muscles and exercise while sitting. Your body already has the support it needs to sit; you just need to use it.

You are probably sitting in a traditional desk chair right now. Think about how you’re sitting and how your body is being supported. Your back is supported by the back of the chair and your arms are likely supported by the arm rests. If your chair has lumbar contours, even the natural curve of the spine is supported by the chair. It is easy to slouch, it is easy to sit without engaging any of your body’s muscles. This is the opposite of Active Sitting. A lack of activity leads to weakened muscles, which overtime can cause declines in physical fitness and health.


We’re not the only ones who think that the way most of us sit now is bad for our health.

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PilaSit is your path to Active Sitting. Having oo back or arm rests means you use your core muscles to maintain your posture. The instability of sitting on a fitness ball will further engage your core muscles as you sit. Active Sitting incorporates physical activity into something we do already. Using a fitness ball as a desk chair is nothing new. Our patent pending design gives you an alternative to a traditional chair with an attractive and functional design; you will not be embarrassed to take PilaSit to the office. PilaSit will turn you into an active sitter.

You get the idea…. Sit Actively!